Website Design Class

Website Design Class

If your desire is to learn how to create a website without writing a single line of code, then you have chosen the right course.

What makes our course unique:

We approach this course with a step-by-step learning process where you will learn how to create a professional website, install WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, integrate security to a site, etc

One special thing about TechieBreed Academy classes is that they are well facilitated. You would want your facilitator to be available for you in case you have any questions or challenge along the course of learning.

When going through the course, in case you run into any challenge whatsoever, just ask it in the question and answer section and the course facilitator will give a response to it as prompt as possible.

At the end of each lesson, provision has been made for Knowledge-Check-Questions to check your learning. This will ensure that that you get the maximum return on your investment you made for this course.

Once again, I’ll love to reiterate that this course requires no coding skills, yet we assure you that you will be able to create amazing and professional websites.

Along the course of study, We will be sharing various resources and materials with you, which will be helpful in your journey to being a world-class website designer.

This is a practical and effective course. So, we will be sharing assignments with you as well so that whatever you learn through this course, you go ahead and practice.

And in case you have any questions, I am there to guide you throughout, even after the completion of this course (that’s a special privilege)

What You’ll be Taught:

Website Design Course Outline

✨ Practical Steps to Creating a Corporate and Business Website, and E-commerce Store.

✨ Introducing WordPress

✨ Installing WordPress through an Auto-Installer Script

✨Plugins: What they do and Why you need them

✨ Securing your Website

✨ Choosing and Installing Themes to Suit a Business or an Organization Need

✨ Customizing and Designing a Website Appearance

✨Social Media Integration, Podcasting and HTTPS.

✨ Practical Steps to Creating a Corporate and Business Website, and E-commerce Store.

Course Requirement:

▶️ A laptop/PC
▶️ XAMPP/WAMPP Software (We’ll provide you with this after registration, to be installed on your laptop/PC
▶️ WhatsApp enabled device
▶️ Undivided attention and commitment to learning in class.

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