Copywriting & Editing

Copywriting & Editing

Do you want to create an impressive copywriting portfolio?

Would you like to attract more clients, land well-paying gigs or earn more at work?

Or you’ve probably learnt the basics. Now you want to put your skills to work.

How do I build a copywriting portfolio with no experience?

I’m a complete newbie… HELP!

All totally valid thoughts.

It’s tough when you’re an aspiring copywriter.

Especially when you’re looking for work and you have zero professional writing experience.

But here’s a little secret…

You don’t actually need any on-the-job experience at all…

What You will be Taught:

Week 1

Day 1 🚩 Introduction to copywriting and content writing

Day 2 🚩 How to create irresistible offers

Day 3 🚩 Different forms of writing

– Systems of Copywriting

– Characteristics of Copywriting

– Branches of Copywriting

– Branches of Copywriting

– Offer creation

Week 2

Day 1 🚩 SEO/Content marketing

Day 2 🚩 How to write sales copies

Day 3 🚩 Lead magnet and Lead generation.

More Detailed Course Outline:

✓ What is copywriting
✓ Copy writer vs Sales man
✓ Getting customer attention
✓ Crafting irresistible headline
✓ Understanding the 8-driving force that leads to sale
✓ Understanding the reason your customers buy
✓ Understanding your product
✓ Tapping into the subconscious mind of your audience
✓ 4 major components of a million-dollar sales letter
✓ Long ads vs Short ads
✓ Story telling sales closing techniques
✓ How to build trust with your ads copy
✓ More than just the benefit
✓ Answering sales objections
✓ The invisible questions your prospect doesn’t ask
✓ The sliding effects
✓ Customer testimonies for more sales
✓ Crafting irresistible offer
✓ Using guarantee that sells
✓ 5 copywriting exercise to be a good copywriter

Who this course is for:

▶️ Those with zero writing skill
▶️ Aspiring copywriters
▶️ Prospective Digital marketers
▶️ Anyone who wants to demonstrate their writing skills to increase their career prospeccts/earning potential

Course Requirements:

▶️ SmartPhone
▶️ WhatApp
▶️ A receptive heart


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