Blogging class

Blogging class

What is a Blog?

Can I start a career in Blogging?

How can I monetize my blog?

If these are some of the questions you have in mind then you’re at the right place.

At TechieBreed Academy, we will train and equip you with blogging tools & knowledge. Additionally, you will become confident, encouraged, inspired and trained to start as many blogging websites as you’d love to while also making monetary returns for doing what you’ve always been passionate about.

This course is designed for everyone who is serious in their pursuit of a successful blogging career. Blogging requires persistence, motivation, patience and a curious mind.

You will benefit more when you have the desire and passion to learn and apply this knowledge. This is your best investment- decision to invest in your digital skill development.

What You Will be Taught:

✓ You will learn about blogging in general.

✓ You will learn how to use WordPress to optimize your blogging experience.

✓ You will learn the core blogging techniques.

✓ Your will learn to drive free traffic to your blog

✓ You will learn about popular blogging platform

✓ You will learn how to monetize your Blog


  • PC/Smartphone
  • Undivided Attention and a receptive heart
  • Basic understanding of MS Word.

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