I have been blogging for 3 years now but until I took Blogging as a course from Techiebreed Academy, I was missing a whole lot.

My blog has experienced a great turnaround ever since I took the course. I am grateful, Techiebreed.

I would recommend the Course on Blogging over and over again.

And this website too, everyone interested in blogging should not hesistate to subscribe.

It’s been very helpful. Thanks, Techiebreed.

Bolanle Temidayo Ogunleye

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

Amazing Graphics Design Course

I had a nice time taking the graphics design class with TechieBreed Academy.

The approach used in communicating value was really nice as I learnt with simplicity.

Although there were little hitches such as inconsistency but in all, I am proud to be a graphic designer.

Deborah Adefehinti

Graphics Design Student - 2020 Session

Writing Course

I enjoyed my time during the course.

It was interactive and enlightening


Writing and Editing Student - 2020 Session

Fantastic Website Design Training

I used to think Website design is very complex, until I took part in this fantastic training.

Our Trainer broke every aspect down to the very last for easy understanding.

With all I learnt, I can proudly call myself a Web Designer!


Peter Nnamchukwu

Website Design Student - 2020 Session

I Enjoyed Every Single Lecture Day

I can say I enjoy every single lecture from this Blogging Course.

Even though I have been blogging for more than 3 years, it feels like hearing all what I learnt for the first time again.

I will also endeavor to go through the notes over again and implement all I’ve been taught.

My first line of action is AFFILIATE MARKETING for my blogs

Thank you so much for the teachings TechieBreed Academy.


Elizabeth Egbeniyi

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

I was a Complete Novice Before this Course

I was a total novice before this course, but right now, the kind of knowledge that I have gained is quite unquantifiable!

I can boldly contribute when involved in a Blogging discussion now.

All those terms that looks like magic before😂, oh my!

Like, I’m so glad for the privilege and opportunity to be a part of this training.

Value has been impacted.

We got more, compared to what was charged, really!

Thank you TechieBreed Academy

Thank you Coach

Thank you everyone.

By God’s grace, I promise to put into good use everything that I have learnt here, God helping me!


Khemzy Nita

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

I Gained More Insight into the Realm of Blogging

As a result of this training, I’ve been able to gain more insight into the realm of Blogging and I’ve been encouraged to start affiliate marketing so I can start making cool money from my blog 😁

I’ve met amazing personalities also during the course of this practial training classes.

Basically, I’ve been challenged to be a better version of myself.


Emmanuel Salt Ashibuogwu

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

I Learnt a Whole Lot from this Course

Truth be told, I have learnt a whole lot from this class and it is evident in the way I have been handling my blog recently.

Thank you TechieBreed Academy for the lectures. I appreciate the answers I got to my questions to.

Bolanle Temidayo

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

Short But Good Journey

For me, it’s been quite a short but good journey.

There are things I thought I knew when I started blogging but this took another turn.

I can’t wait to put all that I have learnt into practice and see my blog flourishing.

Thank you.

Nwabulio Chiamaka

Blogging Student - 2020 Session

Blogging Course Changed Me

I never knew anything about blogging, I just hear people talking about bloggers and I even termed them bad (I perceived them as backbiters, pokenosing into people’s private life) and I never really liked them.

But on participating for this course, I have learnt and realize that not all bloggers are actually bad. It’s just a function of what path you choose to thread on.

I have also learnt that making money in blogging comes with sacrifices, such as consistency, dishing out nothing short of value, and focusing on a single articular niche that interests you and aligns with your passion.

God bless TechieBreed Academy for this opportunity. May they continually stay relevant in the tech world and even beyond.


Blogging Student - 2020 Session